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29-Year-Old “Retired” Currency Trader ‘Skims’ As Much As $4,000 Per Day From The Forex Market, Using A Brand New "Set It & Forget It" Robot That Turned $1,000 Into Over $8,028.14 During The First Six Months Of 2010... When The Robot Was In Low-Risk Mode!”


The following is a graph of the robot successfully rising in January 2016 to October 2016 from $1,000 to $8,028.14. To learn more... please read on.

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From The Desk Of Cory Ross:

Dear Fellow Trader,

Up till early October 2016, I was making a KILLING from the FOREX markets as a manual trader.

I was one of those traders who could pull up a couple charts at any time of the day, and predict with a high degree of accuracy where any currency pair was headed for the next few hours.

Usually, this took me about 15 – 20 minutes, and, honestly...

I Was Addicted To Making Fast, Easy Money!

I remember when I struggled back in early 2001, buying $3,000 courses from institutional forex traders who believed that sitting in front of your computer ALL day trading is how it’s supposed to be done.

I lapped it up. Hook. Sink. And line.

I Considered Myself A Trading God

Looking back, it was the worst thing I could have EVER done!

Here’s what it got me:

  1. 10 blown accounts (yes! My account was reduced to zero 10 times ! )
  2. Bad eyes from staring for so many hours at my screens!
  3. And lack of trading confidence!

But you know what?

I networked with other traders over the years who were down on their luck like me and we brainstormed and came up with strategies that cut down our trading to 20 minutes... or less.

Those strategies made me $148,567 in total for 2016.

But that's not what I'm going to show you today.

There's A Quicker Way To Make That Cash!

So, if you know little or nothing about the FOREX market, don't worry! This is the best way to start your trading career.

And if you're hanging on to manual trading or you've been let down a thousand times by robots that were programmed by people who don't even have the thorough fundamental and technical knowledge to code a killer robot, you need keep reading every word of this letter very carefully...

Here's why:

Until last year, I was having the best of both worlds:

On one hand, I was a high-flying, well-paid Java programmer.

Then, on the other, I was making bundles and bundles of cash from FOREX markets.

Life was good!

But that still wasn’t enough...

I Wanted MORE & More Money!

I wanted more money like how billionaire Carlos Slim wants extra billions to keep the top spot as the world’s richest man.

The fact is, when you make a lot of money, you want to see how far you can go.

I was competing with myself.

You tell yourself, “I made $8,000 last week, can I do $10,000 this week?”

It’s a tug of war between being ‘very good’ and ‘excellent’. And that works for me.

So, of course, I got impatient with my "less-than-20-minutes-a-day" strategy.

It was taking too long to get where I wanted to go. I wasn't getting there fast enough.

And here's what I didn't like about my style of trading: Most mornings when I got up to review the charts, I noticed something...

I realized that I was missing out on explosive trades while I was sleeping!

Especially during the Asian market trading hours.

I’m talking about trades that could’ve handed me hundreds—sometimes thousands of dollars—in a matter of 30 minutes to an hour!

And I was NOT a happy trader.

I Was Leaving Thousands 
Upon Thousands Of Dollars On The Table!

Round about 2016, everyone and their mother sung the high praises of forex robots.

A lot of people claimed they were making BIG money from them.

So what did I do?

What do you think I did?

I purchased one robot after the other, striving to get the astronomical gains I had so often heard about. And after about 4 months, I realized… Most Of Them Were Crap!

The ones that showed some promise did for a while—then started racking up losses.

It was frustrating!

Today, you make a big whack. Tomorrow it's swallowed back.

I couldn’t be bothered with this roller coaster, up-and-down type of thing!

I wanted a robot that could give me STEADY, CONSISTENT RETURNS with very little account drawdown.

So, here it is: My account has once again gone through a series of batterings.

And I'd exhausted all the robots on the market that supposedly should have made me rich.

So what do I do now?

Go back to manual trading?

Not in a million years!!!

As an IT developer, I decided to do what I should’ve done, was too lazy to do in the first place:

I Decided To Develop 
My Own Forex Expert Advisor!

Yes, I had the goods. I had a super-profitable manual strategy that was handing me tens of thousands of dollars a month, so why not?

So I set to task…

I began coding a robot that was wired with my tight risk control strategies….

One that would... regardless of the passage of time and dynamic changing market conditions... tirelessly hunt for, execute and close profitable trades—SUCCESSFULLY—especially while I slept.

Here’s what happened:

Religiously for about two months, I’d leave work each evening and work feverishly on my code up into the wee hours of the mornings, calling in “sick” when I was too tired to even bother getting up to go to work.

I’d use up all my personal days…my “sick days”…and my 10-day vacation leave to make sure everything was just right.

And my robot, with back tests and live trading and every little unexpected scenario the markets can throw at you, was getting better and better!

But, still, that wasn’t enough...

I kept pushing to the limit, taking more risks with my job (which I wasn't thrilled about anymore), taking more and more time off... till... after a few days of returning from one of my UNPAID vacation leaves...

My Boss Handed Me The Pink Slip!

Whatever. That was neither here nor there for because, a few days later, my killer robot was done!

It was firing on all pistons! Roaming the forex markets like a hungry predator, searching for trade setups, executing them, and closing them with frightening precision!

I had simply created a digital, money-making monster. And I called it...

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Over 20% Within Almost 1 Week!

Wouldn't You Like To Get 
Outrageous Returns Like These?!

Check out the results some of my former manual trading partners got with it:

  • Dujon Plummer was completely blown away when he made $4,960 in 18 minutes when the software placed its very first trade. After accumulating more profits and loading up more capital, imagine how he two weeks later when he bagged another $182,000... in just four days.

  • Victor Abrahams, a former manual trader like myself, is so excited to have hands-free money-getting device that's him $10,429 in just less than two weeks. Not bad. But then Victor pulled down another 70% gain... plus a fourth 180% gain... on the very same day.

  • Auto-trading from Ireland, Scot O'Brien watched the software capture $4,500 in profit in less than 45 minutes... then went to the pub to celebrate.

  • Sylvia Burnett spoke excitedly on Skype saying the software dumped 230% profit within a five hours of the Greece debacle. She says it's the single biggest gain she's had in her forex account in all of her two years of trading.

These are people just like you. Some started big. Some started small. But all of them took advantage of these...

Powerful Benefits Of

  • Scalper EA - extremely profitable for intraday traders who look for a bunch of pips daily!

  • Can Make Up To 600 Trades A Month!

  • It works seamlessly with 4 digit brokers, 5 digit brokers, and ECN brokers!

  • Forex Turbo Drive is stealthy, it hides your Stop Loss and Take Profit from your broker to prevent broker stop loss hunting!

  • The program’s algorithm is self-adapting, adding additional positions and changing the profit targets to deliver the highest probability of success!

  • You don't need plenty capital to start with; $100 is fine...

  • You don't need to sit at your computer to do any form of trading... all you need to do is log into your trading account to see how much profit you've made!

  • You don't need to think!

  • You don't need to worry about technical indicators!

  • You don't even need to keep up with news and worry if you are missing BIG moves!

  • You can do this alongside your day job—it's a perfect way to build up a side income without having to run to a second job OR making special time to get an internet business going!



What Would You Do With $5,000 
Within The Next 10 - 12 Weeks?

Would you take off for a mini-vacation to the Bahamas for a long weekend?

Wouldn't you travel first-class?

Or cruised it there from Florida, one of those joy cruises?

When I got my first $5,000, I visited a place I had long wanted to go: Vienna, Italy.

And while I was travelling for over 15 hours, Forex Turbo Drive was executing trades on my behalf.

When I woke up in my hotel room the next day, I logged into my trading account, and checked the balance—wow!—approximately $1,800—which I immediately transferred to my debit card and withdrew at the ATM in the lobby downstairs.

I used that money to rent a car.

Eat five star meals.

Pay for a couple evenings at the theater. And still had plenty left over afterwards!

Just think of all the possibilities you can come up with!

  • You could let the Forex market pay your rent every month!
  • Pay your credit card bills!
  • Help pay off your student loan!
  • Let it take a BIG bite out of your mortgage!
  • Let it give you the down payment for a new home!

But that’s just the beginning. . .

Once your profits start to accumulate, and the software compounds those profits into even BIGGER gains...

    First Name:
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*  Your Email Address:

You Could Soon Make The Forex Market
Your Primary Source Of Income!

I don't blame you for thinking this is a bunch of hype.

BUT GET THIS: There are traders right now who are making over a $1,000,000 per month...on autopilot.

In fact, there is a trader right now who, in 2016, made a little over $5,000,000 at a proprietary trading firm in downtown Chicago.

Yet he doesn't sit in front of a screen like most prop traders do.


What he does is use a form of trading called "high frequency trading" that's executed by algorithmic robots that computer programmers like myself have coded for his firm.

The robots simply execute the trades on his behalf and...

He Makes Over $5,000,000 per year!

In fact, how do you think Goldman Sachs and all those BIG Wall Street firms make their money?

Computer code.

So when you decide to trade manually...OR... you're using a robot that's not up to scratch, you're competing against those guys.

Now, you stand at a greater disadvantage if you DON'T have a good robot trading on your behalf.

You want instant money without all the stress, work and anxiety that often goes with trading.

Now, listen: I know this all sounds good but I want to make sure there's NO DOUBT in your mind that Forex Turbo Drive is perfect for you so...

Here Are A Few Frequently Asked Questions
My Hand-picked Beta Testers Shot At Me:

  1. The FOREX market is always evolving. How can you guarantee that the software will work when the dynamics of the FOREX market changes with the changing economic climate?

    I coded the software with these specifics in mind. And since my own success depends on the potency of the software, I'm continually monitoring and making changes when necessary. Hence, once they are implemented, we will provide you with an updated copy. Though updates will rarely be necessary due to Forex Turbo Drive's ability to adapt to market trends.

  2. Will I have to pay a membership fee to use Forex Turbo Drive on a monthly basis.

    No. It is a one time fee of only $97. There are no additional fees, no monthly fees, no hidden fees. All that I ask is if you are satisfied with my software that you refer others to purchase it for themselves.

  3. I've tried other robots before---with dismal results. Who's to say this will work?

    Most robots are purchased from half-skilled programmers or scammers who'll sell their 'robots' to anyone and just want to make a quick profit off of the crowd who's passionate about forex trading or who wants to make quick money. .

    I ensured that I tested it first with live trading before passing it onto other beta testers for their independent opinion.

  4. Brokers shutting down or manipulating accounts because they discovered customers using a robot is a regular thing nowadays. Is yours detectable by any brokers?

    I've had issues with some brokers and the broker can truly make the difference. We have partnered with a reliable broker who is offering a $50 bouns plus free VPS hosting after signing up. Regardless, I took action to ensure that Forex Turbo Drive is 100% undetectable by brokers. So you have nothing to worry about.

  5. Do I need to keep my computer on at all times for Forex Turbo Drive?

    No, you don't if you run Forex Turbo Drive on a VPS host.

Of course, if you need clarification on anything, feel free to send me an email:



And I want to makre sure that anyone who purchases Forex Turbo Drive is COMPLETELY SATISFIED with his/her purchase.

Expect that whenever you send an email you WILL receive a prompt response!

PLUS, soon you will be able to talk to me REAL TIME for support!

All your questions will be answered. All your hiccups smoothed out.


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On Trial Completely At My Risk!

My advice to you is this: Start with a demo account, once you are satisfied go live.

But if that's too tame for you, by all means, throw in $1,000...$10,000... whatever you're comfortable with.

But know this:

If you're not satisfied 
with the robot, I want you to 
ask for, and get, your money back!

It's as simple as that.


I don't need to make myself any clearer than that, do I?


So now that you know where I stand in respect of this offer, I'm sure you're curious to know...

How Much Your Investment 

With the calibre of skill that's used to code this robot, $1,997 is ideal for serious players only.

If I were to license it to a proprietary trading firm or an up-and-coming hedge fund, that would be my starting fee PLUS ongoing monthly licensing fees.

But, of course, you aren't that.

And I couldn't in my right conscience overcharge you especially now that you're trying to get yourself out of whatever financial rut you're in.

So I've come to a figure that satisfies me as well as your pocket.

Forex Turbo Drive is yours for only $97...

And that most definitely comes with my...

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Download Forex Turbo Drive today.

Put it to work for a FULL 30 days.

And if you're not at all thrilled by the results. If you're not convinced that Forex Turbo Drive is everything that I say it is, I want you to DEMAND your money back!

If the robot performs as expected or more than expected, you win! And if it doesn't, you also win! Either way, you can NEVER come out the loser because you WILL get your money back!

There's nothing to think about...

Click here to get started now!

All Your Risk Is On Me!

It's hard to ignore the FOREX market.

No matter how many times you have lost money. No matter how many times you swear you won't get back into it. It just keeps calling.

If you can pluck a couple hundred here and a couple thousand there each trading for the rest of your life, YOU WON'T EVER need to ever go looking for a job again.

The FOREX market is to be mastered. And I have mastered it.

It would take you years to accumulate the experience I possess.

Why not use my trading acumen captured in an expertly coded robot to open the vaults of automated forex cash?

Why not use a piece of technology solely designed to make money be your ticket to the life that you want to live?

Maybe you tried other robots and you were sorely let down. But there is hope.

There is hope in someone whose pulse is on the industry—someone who's been taken by these robots as well—but has risen above these low-quality hacks to create his own “golden access” to biggest money market there is on Earth.

Don't let past experiences cloud your judgment now.

Take 30 days to find out if this is for real—at my risk. You won't be disappointed.


YES, Cory! I'm ready to download Forex Turbo Drive right now!

I want to experience extraordinary daily gains that have become commonplace in your life. I want to live some of the good life like you.

I understand that I have 30 FULL days to decide if the robot can indeed make that happen for me.

However, if Forex Turbo Drive doesn't perform to my expectations within that tiime -- or for any reason at all -- I can request a FULL AND FAST REFUND.

I'm absolutely confident that I want to do this, so let me download Forex Turbo Drive right away for the low price of $97


To Outrageous Forex Profits for Life,
Cory Ross.

P.S. You wouldn't be here if you were not convinced you can make a LOT of money from the FOREX markets. Why try to make money the long, hard way?

I understand that you may have been burned in the past (like me) by vendors whose products were garbage. To prove to you I'm not like them, I want you to take me up on this RISK-FREE OFFER:

TRY IT ON A DEMO ACCOUNT. And put Forex Turbo Drive to the test for the next 30 days.

If you're not thrilled with the results, simply send back for your money which will be zapped back to your Paypal account or to your credit card.There's no chance for loss. Your only loss will be not taking the time to find out if Forex Turbo Drive really could work for you.

Click Here To Order Now

P.P.S. Unfortunately, only 300 copies will be sold. Or, at my discretion, I may raise the price and reduce the quantity. Whichever comes first.

So, if you consider yourself a hardcore player, it would suit you to grab your copy now to prevent wondering what it would've been like to trade with Forex Turbo Drive.

If you're truly nuts about easy, super-normal gains don't let this happen to you. 

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